About Us

Outback Jerky was started in 2007 as a small hobby, over the years I would dabble in my business but always worked in a full time job slowly giving more time to Outback Jerky. After a number of redundancies in the mining industry mid 2014 I decided to grow Outback Jerky in to a full time business. From 2012 till mid 2016 I spent half my life in the Outback or Western Australia, with a real passion to keep growing Outback Jerky.

I believe that we are delivering Western Australia's finest Beef Jerky. Our beef jerky is high in protein and a low carbohydrates its a healthy alternative snack!!

Jerky is lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, marinated spiced and then dried to prevent spoilage.

Outback jerky is marinated for 24 hours then seasoned with spices and dried/dehydrated with low heat. Jerky is ready-to-eat and needs no additional preparation. It can be stored for months without refrigeration.

Real beef jerky should be dry and not moist like (jack links beef jerky). With that in mind I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my products. If you are not happy with your Beef Jerky send it back for your money back.    


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